The PROFIN Foundation, in coordination with the National Institute for Agricultural and Forestry Innovation (INIAF) under the Ministry of Rural Development and Land (MDRyT), within the framework of the “Strategy for Strengthening and Sustainability of INIAF” funded by the Swiss Agency for Development in Bolivia (COSUDE), call professionals to present their proposals for the realization of the following consultancies by product:

The Realization Of Consultancies By Product
The Realization Of Consultancies By Product
  1. Financial Administrative Specialist
  2. Specialist in Organizational Structure
  3. Specialist in Functions, Processes and Procedures
  4. Legal Regulation Specialist
  5. Specialist in Business Plans and Sustainability Strategies

The Terms of Reference can be downloaded from the web page: in the “Opportunities” section, starting at 1:00 pm on Monday, February , 2019.

The proposals must be presented in a sealed envelope, labeled with the name of the Consultancy, in the office of the PROFIN Foundation, located at Sanchez Lima Avenue, at Pinilla Street, No. 2600, Edificio Tango, first floor, until 5:00 p.m. hours of the day Monday, May 1, 2019./

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