Responsible for Cooperation of Aid in Action in Bolivia

Objective of the position:

Responsible for Cooperation of Aid in Action in Bolivia
Responsible for Cooperation of Aid in Action in Bolivia

Coordinate, together with the Headquarters of the Organization, the development processes and programs. Lead and articulate the presence of Ayuda en Acción and the programs of the Territorial Development Areas in accordance with institutional criteria and principles.

Main responsibilities:

  • Identify opportunities for visibility, strategic alliances and financing, establishing communication and relationship channels with the representatives of the key actors.
    Collaborate in context analysis and strategic planning to achieve the impacts and objectives established in the country.
  • Design, plan and ensure the proper implementation and monitoring of the Annual Operational Programs and Triennial intervention plans according to the Institutional Strategy of Aid in Action and the corresponding Country Plan.
  • Advise and follow up on development projects (ADT, Sectoral Projects, Advocacy Actions) in technical, financial and management aspects related to the fulfillment of purposes according to the lines of intervention and policies of AeA.
  • Guide and coordinate the actions carried out by the different teams, ensuring their coherence, coordination, collaboration and learning. Coordinating the relationship with our local partners and with other actors in the field of intervention.
  • Design, program and ensure the proper implementation of actions and programs by local partners in the areas of development.
  • Evaluate, consolidate and analyze information on planning and monitoring indicators of the National Program, issuing recommendations, proposing actions and ensuring their compliance, as well as reports of accountability to partners and allies.

Knowledge and experience:

  • University and postgraduate studies in planning and development of projects in Local Development and / or Economic and / or Development Cooperation.
  • 5 years of minimum experience in NGOs in planning and technical and financial management of rural development programs and / or food security, as well as in management of international cooperation funds. Valuable experience in project management co-financed by European and Spanish public administrations, preferably AECID.
  • Work experience in the country and knowledge of the Latin American context: legislation related to development actions, political, social, economic and environmental trends in the region, its relationship with the regional environment, as well as specific issues related to rural development and chains of value.
  • Experience in leading and implementing new initiatives and projects throughout its cycle (formulation, planning, implementation and monitoring) and areas (technical and resource management and budget).
  • Experience in resource management and budget preparation and monitoring.

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