Requirement For Consultants For Different Positions

Background of the Program

The Alliance Program on Energy and Environment with the Andean Region (AEA) began its implementation in February 2011 based on an agreement signed between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland (MAEF) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) . Its activities are carried out in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Requirement For Consultants For Different Positions
Requirement For Consultants For Different Positions

The Program works in the field of sustainable energy through the promotion of renewable energies (EERR) and energy efficiency (EE) in rural and peri-urban areas. Through business initiatives that support the development of energy markets, the AEA Program seeks to promote the access and use of sustainable energy for the integral improvement of rural habitat and its application in productive activities that benefit communities, producer associations, as well as micro, small and medium enterprises that operate in the rural Andean region.

Since its inception, the Program has financed 20 projects in the Andean region through 3 calls for a total amount of more than 3 million dollars. Seventeen of these projects have already concluded. Since 2015, the Program is promoting the development of the market of sustainable energies in rural and peri-urban areas by promoting and / or supporting the consolidation of initiatives and / or undertakings for the dissemination of energy solutions.

In this context, the Program has been supporting the structuring of proposals for initiatives with a business focus for the development of the REE market with potential for technical, social, and financial sustainability and that are environmentally responsible. One of these proposals seeks to commercialize portable energy solutions for recharging electronic equipment using solar energy (composed of photovoltaic panel, charge regulator, battery and in some cases a load inverter) in the main rural and peri-urban centers of the southern and northern highlands from the departments of La Paz and Oruro (ex: Charazani, Escoma, Batallas, Charana and others).

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