Consultancy: “Commercial Manager of Tarija Territorial Brand Products, Aromas and Flavors”

The FAUTAPO Foundation, within the framework of project BO-M1063, supported by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), has foreseen the realization of the consultancy cited in the reference, whose general objective is: To develop and implement a commercial strategy for the products of the territorial brand “Tarija Aromas y Sabores”, which allows to increase sales, access new markets, consolidate existing ones and achieve recognition of the added value of products.

Consulting: Commercial Manager of Tarija
Consulting: Commercial Manager of Tarija

Required profile:

Academic Training: Commercial Engineering, Agronomy, Food, Business Administrators, Economists and others that may be related to marketing processes (desirable), Courses and / or master’s degree (desirable) in areas related to agro-food marketing.
General work experience : Accredit general work experience of at least five (5) years (exclusive).
Specific Experience I: Experience of at least three (3) years in processes of commercialization of products of the agri-food sector or other related (excluding).
Specific Experience II: Experience in the development of at least three (3) consultancies in the development of strategies and commercial plans of products of the agri-food sector, (excluding).
Specific Experience III: Experience of at least four (4) consultancies in project preparation, business plans, strategic plans, shared agendas related to consulting (desirable).
Other Personal and Professional Characteristics:
a) Full-time availability.
b) Management of computer packages.
c) Management of personal relationships.
d) Knowledge of the local actors (local institutions, MyPES and rural producers) and the geographical area of ​​the project.
e) Knowledge of national markets based on the experience developed.
Technical Proposal: You must submit a technical proposal that minimally contains: Objective, Approach, methodology and scope of work. (excluding).
Personal Interview: The interview will be granted to the first three qualified applications, where the ease of oral communication, technical knowledge about the work to be developed, management of personal relationships and others that contribute to the satisfactory development of the project will be evaluated.

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