The Best Consult Of The Century

Best Consult Of The Century

Consultancy for the Elaboration of the Baseline


The Sustainable Diets Program is an initiative conducted by HIVOS and IIED, which focuses on advocacy and advocacy actions and goals that lead to a more sustainable diet, based on the strengthening of the advocacy capacities of food system actors .

Consultancy for the Elaboration of the Baseline
Consultancy for the Elaboration of the Baseline

A sustainable food system offers food security and nutrition for all, so that it lays the economic, social and environmental foundations to generate food security and nutrition taking into account future generations.

Sustainable diets have low environmental impact and contribute to food security and nutrition and healthy living for present and future generations. Sustainable diets are protective and respectful of biodiversity and ecosystems, culturally acceptable, and promote that food is accessible, economically just and affordable, nutritionally adequate, safe and healthy; At the same time it optimizes natural and human resources. (FAO, Rome, 2010)

The objective of the Program is to influence market actors and governments to position the issue of sustainable food in their policies and strategies.

1. Objectives of the consultancy

The objective of this consultancy is to have an external baseline study that complements the initial work carried out and allows to provide the level of current situation of the prioritized topics in strategic planning, deepen the analysis of context for the subject, analyze the relevance of the relevant issues of advocacy and lobbying, and analyze the capacity of the actors in the system. This basic study will serve for the discussion with the actors of the system on the basic elements for the monitoring system and for the planning of the Program for the following years.

2. Profile of the consultant

It is required to hire the consulting services (person or institution) proposed by a consultant that complies with the following professional profile:

Demonstrated experience in the implementation of baselines
Demonstrated work experience in the multiactoral research and development sector (since the Program covers many topics, we expect a general practitioner to be able to gather the necessary information)
Have experience with lobbying and advocacy actions
Have working experience with Civil Society Organizations – CSO and evaluation of their capabilities.
Have experience with methodology of the Theory of Change (not necessary, but desired).

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