The Alliance Program in Energy and Environment with the Andean Region (AEA) works in the field of sustainable energy through the promotion of renewable energies (EERR) and energy efficiency (EE) in rural and peri-urban areas. Through business initiatives that support the development of energy markets.

The AEA Program received the request of the Legislative Assembly of Tarija to support the hiring of a consultancy so that the Assembly can have inputs that serve for the elaboration of a public policy focused on expanding energy access in isolated rural areas with energy solutions (EERR and EE) of small scale for vulnerable populations. These Terms of Reference are the result of a concerted review between the AEA Program and the Departmental Legislative Assembly of Tarija.

Consultancy for the Elaboration of Document
Consultancy for the Elaboration of Document

1. Objectives of the consultancy

The objective of this consultancy is to raise preliminary considerations that serve as inputs for the elaboration of a departmental policy focused on expanding energy access in isolated rural areas with small-scale energy solutions (EERR and EE) for vulnerable populations (including communities that they depend on diesel generators with a reduced installed power) and framed in the National Renewable Energy Policy of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and the Autonomous Statute of Tarija. The considerations must take into account the needs and strategic interests of women, youth, indigenous peoples and other actors in the productive sector.

2. Expected products

to. Product 1
A document that contains a work plan with the detailed methodology and schedule, which must be disseminated to the Energy and Hydrocarbons Commission of the Departmental Legislative Assembly of Tarija for its no objection.
b. Output 2
A document that contains an analysis of the lessons learned from projects in Bolivia as detailed in the scope of the activities.
c. Product 3
A document that contains the analysis of the relevant legal, political and institutional frameworks at the national and departmental level related to energy solutions, in accordance with point c) of the activities to be developed by the consultant.
d. Output 4
A document containing a technical report disaggregated into index cards of the interviews and / or focus groups made to key stakeholders and on that basis, a conceptual analysis of the contributions of relevance that the interviewed actors have provided to the consultant.
and. Product 5
A document that contains preliminary considerations for the elaboration of a departmental public policy and that includes all the integrated conceptual analysis of Products 2, 3 and 4.

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